Bronx Design & Construction Academy

Bronx Design & Construction Academy's Mission:
The Bronx Design and Construction Academy's mission is to prepare graduates for advanced entry into the competitive construction trades or post-secondary education by arming them with cutting edge trade skills, best practices in transportation infrastructure and sustainability, and strong academic competency. The Bronx Design and Construction Academy (BDCA) is designed to transform students’ high school experience by linking strong academics, demanding career and technical education, and real-world experience to help them gain an advantage in high school, postsecondary educa­tion, and careers. Students follow industry-themed pathways, choosing among fields such as electric, HVAC, plumbing, carpentry and pre-engineering/architectural drafting. Upon graduation, students are prepared to succeed in a full range of postsecondary options—including two- or four-year colleges, certification programs, appren­ticeships, military service, or formal job training.


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