BDCA Student Leaders Represent Skills USA NYC!

Adriana Cruz and Corey Boyd were recently selected as Skills USA New York City student leaders/officers! Adriana Cruz: Secretary, Skills USA New York City. Adriana will be responsible for communicating information and charged with keeping accurate meetings minutes. She will have custody of the Constitution and bylaws and will have them available at each meeting to be used for reference. She will check and write correspondence and provide the president with an agenda for each meeting. Congratulations Adriana! Corey Boyd: Parliamentarian, Skills USA New York City. Corey will be a consultant to the president on procedural matters. An authority on parliamentary procedure is frequently needed, and the Parliamentarian is the source of such information. Corey will be responsible for knowing the Robert's Rules of Order, the Skills USA Leadership Handbook, the national, state, and district Skills USA constitutions. Congratulations Corey!